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Software and Hardware Integration, Edge-to-Cloud Interconnection

Edge computing is one of the hottest topics in technology these days. The key to its success comes from the massive infrastructure deployment of IoT applications. Going forward, more edge computing and analysis will focus on real-time processing at edge to optimize time costs and increase computing efficiency. To meet these needs, Advantech launched EI edge intelligence solutions that integrate software and hardware for specific edge applications and allow better management and maintenance of smart applications at the network edge.

EI Advantages

Edge-to-cloud integrated architecture shortens 50% of development time

Edge-to-cloud integrated architecture shortens development time so users no longer need to delve into different data formats, write new code, and connect with cloud services. Through software and hardware integration and a microservices architecture, the average development time can now be shortened by up to 50%, which greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of importing system applications.

Plug-and-Play system design ensures optimal deployment

WISE-DeviceOn and numerous edge computing industrial apps are built in to provide functions such as data collection, device management, real-time data calculation and analysis—in a user-friendly visual interface. Using simple intuitive settings, you can immediately connect to the network and start your application services. You can also subscribe to more edge computing industrial apps through the new WISE-Marketplace, which provides many additional software application services and industrial apps.

Quick Start Guide

Enhanced efficiency with software-enabled services

Data Integration and Device Management

  • Standard device connectors (OPC-UA, BACNet, Modbus, GPS..)
  • Remote device monitoring & control
  • Azure/AWS/Aliyun IoT/WISE-PaaS cloud connectors

Machine to Intelligent (M2I)

  • Supports 200+ PLCs and IO modules
  • Data publishing capabilities via OPC-UA, Modbus, DNP3, BECnet, MQTT, and LwM2M
  • Automatic alarm by mail, SMS, apps

Digital Signage Content Management

  • Server-client architecture for remotely managing signage programs
  • Edit and dispatch programs within 3 steps
  • Supply more than 10 media materials
  • Supports multi-screen displays

AI Facial Recognition

  • High precision engine
  • Real-time identification & notification
  • Visitor behavior dashboard analytics
  • VIP/blacklisting management

EI Video Zone

EI Case Studies

EI Hot Selling Solutions

AII-in-one Compact High- Performance Edge Intelligence System EI-52

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core i5/i3/Celeron processor, 8/16 GB DDR4 Memory, and 64 GB SATA Slim SSD built-in
  • Pre-integrated EdgeX with data acquisition API and support for 20+ heterogeneous devices
  • Pre-integrated WISE-DeviceOn for device management and remote control
  • Compatible with 5G, Wi-Fi, AI module and FaceView facial recognition I.App for AIoT applications

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