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Adjusting to the New Normal as Stores Reopen

5 applications for businesses to prepare for a post-pandemic future

  • Onsite Inspection Suite

    Optimize Store Inspections with Digitalized Audits

    Advantech’s StoreVue Inspection is an inspection management software that helps businesses create custom checklists and forms to track performance and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

    3 Essential Audit Types
    • Cloud-Based Content Dispatch Streamlines Broadcasts

      No IT suffering anymore. StoreVue Signage simplifies advertisement broadcasting by providing a cost-effective cloud-based solution for creating, editing, and dispatching content to multiple client devices in different locations simultaneously.

    • All-in-One Solution for Easy Integration

      The cloud-based platform can be integrated Restful API integration. By connecting various sensors such as IP-Cam, Webcam, RFID, Barcode etc. user can easily make an interactive program to enhance customer engagement efficiently.

    • Seamless Management with Intuitive Interface and Mobile App

      StoreVue Signage features an intuitive dashboard that enables real-time remote management of all client devices from a single platform in 24/7 support. Store region manager also can dispatch exclusive advertisements immediately through mobile app

    • Digital store auditing is the trend

      Traditional store auditing involves considerable paperwork, which makes paper consumption and printing costs higher compared to digital systems.

    • Save on human resources during the epidemic

      In response to rapidly increasing store numbers, the most direct challenge for businesses is the allocation of human resources, which is even more difficult when operations involve working with overseas locations.

    • On-site/remote inspection

      Remote/on-site inspection provides standardized store services and meets the inspection needs for different settings through features such as nearest store location and on-site photo, video, audio, and text recording. All documents generated during the inspection are stored.

    • Interactive Digital Menu

      Distribute menu updates, price changes, ingredient changes, deals and specials in real-time and pain-free.

  • Recommended Product Package
    • On-site Inspection

      Optimize Store Inspections with Digitalized Audits

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