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Adjusting to the New Normal as Stores Reopen

5 applications for businesses to prepare for a post-pandemic future

  • Digital Signage Suite

    Increase sales with centrally managed digital creations

    StoreVue Signage is a cloud-based software platform for managing digital signage display content.

    • Broadcast Custom Advertisements at Multiple Stores Simultaneously

      No server management, no complicated software installation, no IT sufferings. StoreVue Signage is the cloud-based digital signage platform to help you affordably and professionally design, schedule, and display content to thousands of stores from the web

    • Keep Advertising Up-to-date and Gain Business Opportunities

      StoreVue Signage allows users to broadcast advertisements on web browsers. You can show different content during different hours or days, such as product stock and prices can be updated in real time, and promotional adverts can be unveiled instantly to target specific groups of customers or clients you want to attract. And changing a schedule is a breeze. Easily plan ahead, for as long as you need.

    • Advertise Appropriately and Effectively

      Intergrated with AI facial recognition, StoreVue Signage can broadcast customized advertisements based on a customer’s gender and age. By utilizing RFID trigger technology, when a customer approaches or picks up a product, the screen will automatically broadcast advertisements for that product. StoreVue Signage also has touch functions that transform simple media players into interactive marketing tools.

    • Easy Editing for People with no Designer Background

      Easy Editing for People with no Designer Background StoreVue Signage’s drag and drop user interface is equipped with multiple, easily-accessed widgets including clocks, RTSP stream, tickers, music, and YouTube etc. StoreVue Signage supports more than 30 media formats such as videos, images, webpages, and documents — delivering unparalleled.

    • Hierarchy Management Improves Efficiency

      Store managers can set up data folders for individual stores or control permissions for different stores by performing localized editing. This gives store managers control over the broadcasting of advertisement content, and increases operation efficiency for projects across many stores.

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