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Adjusting to the New Normal as Stores Reopen

5 applications for businesses to prepare for a post-pandemic future

  • Cold Chain Suite

    One-stop management of your cold chain logistics

    • Set notifications, and real-time error correction

      In response to the increase in health and food safety awareness, enterprises cannot ignore the importance of precise temperature quality control of foods and vaccines. Through StoreVue cold chain management, temperature and humidity controls are monitored on the cloud. Process disruptions and compromises are immediately reported to various mobile platforms, solving irregularities rapidly and protecting the corporate image.

    • Cloud management, reduced labor management costs

      In the past, temperature and humidity control were recorded manually, which was labor-intensive and error-prone, making it impossible to determine temperature loss and defrosting values in real-time.. Through StoreVue cold chain management, managers can monitor the temperature, humidity, and equipment status accurately, and apply event controls and recording based on the set privilege.

    High-quality IoT devices, reliable, durable, and easy to maintain
    • Installation of unlimited field industrial equipment

      StoreVue IoT sensor, featuring long-range and wideband radio frequency technology, the low power consumption design allows the sensor to function in extreme environments for an extended period.

    • Data digitalization, status visualization

      Management can view, inspect, and manage on the cloud platform to easily obtain key data and determine freezer or refrigerator abnormalities rapidly, download statistical reports, and integrate the device on the refrigerator.

  • Recommended Product Package
    • Cold Chain Management StoreVue StoreVue

      Public Cloud Cold Chain Management Solution

    • Cold Chain Management Edge

      Private Cloud Cold Chain Management Solution

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