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Adjusting to the New Normal as Stores Reopen

5 applications for businesses to prepare for a post-pandemic future

  • Counting & Occupancy Suite

    Manage Social Distancing in the Workplace

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      Video AI People Counting
      • Suitable for semi-open areas and venues without designated entrances and exits
      • Transforms existing IP cameras into intelligent devices
      • Can be integrated with SignageCMS digital sivgnage software for displaying entry restrictions
    • 2
      AIO People Counting
      • Suitable for installation at entrances and exits
      • Smart 3D camera provides accurate data regarding visitor numbers for determining remaining capacity
      • Can be integrated with SignageCMS digital signage software to provide a signage solution for displaying visitor information
    • Accurate thermal screening
    • Comprehensive event record of potential risks
    • Contactless Screening with self-service functionality
    • AI face detection
    • Abnormal event waring
    • Precise Occupancy Monitoring

      The smart 3D camera analyzes entrance inflow and can effectively filter out strollers, goods, and other objects and track visitor entry and exit paths to eliminate repetitive counting.

    • Estimate Average Wait Times

      If the occupancy limit has been reached, the solution suite can provide automatic or manual wait time estimates, reducing unnecessary queuing for improved visitor satisfaction.

    • Real-Time Overview of Visitor

      Counting & Occupancy Suite can serve as an intelligent digital signage solution with high API integration. Visitor numbers and expected wait times can be easily displayed in centralized areas for convenient management.

    • Remote Control via Mobile App

      Integrated with a free mobile app for remote monitoring and control from any location. Managers can use the app to set admission limits in real time and directly update safe occupancy parameters.

  • Recommended Product Package
    • AIO People Counting

      High-precision counting for open entrance and exits

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