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Real-time monitoring solution for factory
intelligence and smart infrastructure

Factory operations are faced with the problem of accurate data collection from geographically distributed equipment, which they need for condition monitoring in real time and for further big data analysis and preventative maintenance. To meet these challenges, Advantech offers a variety of integrated edge to cloud solutions for factory facility management.

How DeviceOn/BI help you enhance value?

Advantech DeviceOn/BI is an open cloud-based industrial IoT platform, providing device management. It's suitable for real-time monitoring and optimised operations management and is designed to provide smart asset management that helps businesses make the jump to digital transformation.

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Realising Factory Intelligence

Manage Remote and
Distributed Stations

Construct a sensing network with customised device name labels in a centralised management system for equipment in remote sites

Real-time Data Management

Seamlessly collect accurate data from multiple equipment and view availability and accessibility for an overview of performance

Comprehensive Equipment

Comprehensive equipment monitoring allows visualised status of operations as well as prompt task monitoring

Application Scenarios

Remote HVAC Monitoring System

HVAC monitoring plays a key role in facility management as it's a major contributor to the maintenance and energy consumption expenses of a business. Therefore, we offer a solution to track the energy consumption and performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to prevent inefficiencies and boost savings.

Facility Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is an important issue for businesses with factories. Advantech solution presents real-time energy consumption data of all equipment and gives an overview of factory facilities through the WISE-PaaS visualisation dashboard. Consolidating key indicators and producing insight reports, assists managers in finding out abnormal energy consumption, and help owners make strategic decisions.

Smart Meter Monitoring

We know how meters are indispensable for collecting and managing data across many locations. From the moment power enters your factory, Advantech smart meter monitoring solution will take care of monitoring, analysing, measuring and controlling it to ensure your distribution system is running at optimum efficiency to improve your equipment productivity and longevity, thereby reducing costs.

Success Stories

  • Advantech and Sunforce Collaborate on a Smart Monitoring System for Taiwan’s First Micro-biomass Power Plant

  • Smart Factory Transformation for Water Hardware Production Line in Taiwan

  • WISE-4000 NB-IoT Wireless Sensor Node Brings IoT to Legacy Water Pumps for Distributed Remote Monitoring

  • Advantech’s E&E M2I SRP provides a seamless edge-to-cloud integration solution for heavy electrical equipment

  • WISE-4000 Wireless Device-to-Cloud Solution Creates a Lightweight Factory Machine Management System for Small and Medium-Sized Metal Processing Plants

  • Utilising IoT Solutions to Monitor Beverage Bottling Assets on the Production Line

Solution Offerings

Device Connectivity Solutions

Collects Geographically Distributed Data

Intelligent I/O Gateway


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Ethernet I/O Module


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RS-485 I/O Module


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RS-485 I/O Module


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Managed Ethernet Switch


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Ethernet Switch


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IoT Wireless I/O


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Wireless I/O Modules


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Edge Gateway Solutions

Provides Secure and Reliable Data Transmission

Modbus Gateway


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Serial Device Server


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Communication Gateway


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