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Telehealth Solution
for Rapid Deployment

Facilitates the Expansion of Healthcare Services

Advantech's telemedicine solution is built to connect hospitals, care facilities, and community clinics in order to integrate medical resources and provide a zero-distance care network that can respond to remote patients in real time. Telemedicine not only reduces pressures on hospital workflows but also expands the availability and delivery of quality healthcare.

Telehealth Solution Features

Speaker & Camera

360° Omnidirectional Microphone:
Clear sound without echo or distortion, even at maximum volume

Remote Control:
Allows doctors to control video imaging and provide diagnoses and treatment remotely

Video Conferencing Platform

Remote Control of PTZ Camera:
Remote physicians can control the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera at the patient-end

Screen Sharing and Live Annotations:
The screen sharing function allows medical professionals to review and annotate test results in real time

HIPPA-Compliant Video Chat:
Patient healthcare data is protected in accordance with HIPPA regulations to ensure confidentiality

Digital Diagnostic Set

The Horus Scope features a 5MP camera for capturing diagnostic video and images for display on the 3.5” LCD screen

General Viewing Lens: Offers wide-angle views of areas of the body that require basic examination

Otoscope: Enables viewing and imaging of the tympanic membrane and ear canal

Dermatoscope: Supports polarized and unpolarized light for observing the epidermis or dermis

Cart Features

Infection Control:
Seamless design enables easy cleaning and sanitation for superior infection control

Ergonomic Design:
Motorized height adjustment for comfortable operation

Battery Remote Management:
AMiS_Link can be used to remotely manage the Li-ion battery

Application Scenarios







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