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Device to Cloud, Making Maintenance Simpler

Today’s energy and environment facility operations are faced with accurately collecting data from geographically distributed equipment directly and receiving condition monitoring in real-time for analysis and maintenance. Advantech's device-to-cloud solutions allow edge devices to pass data to cloud platforms directly. They enable the utilisation of cloud platform tools to perform statistical analysis and visualisation of data.

Get Key Equipment Status in Real Time

Get Key Equipment Status in Real Time

With sensing devices connected to the cloud, the status of equipment can be automatically returned to the cloud platform and/or control site for real-time monitoring of operating status.

Manage Remote and Distributed Station

Manage Remote and Distributed Station

Constructing a sensing network allows for the central management of environmental and equipment information from unmanned and remote sites via a cloud platform.

Execute Predictive Maintenance Effectively

Execute Predictive Maintenance Effectively

The models, curve comparisons, and performance prediction tools in the cloud platform can help with identifying problems early, thus achieving fault prevention and improving maintenance efficiency.


Device to the Azure

Advantech hardware with Microsoft Azure cloud platform can realise your IoT system to solve the remote management needs of wide range distributed devices. This 19 minute video will help you understand what device-to-cloud is and how can it make the platform smarter and save communication fees.

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Success Story

Remote Asset Management System for Electric Generators

By remotely monitoring the operational status via a cloud management system, suppliers can respond immediately should an anomaly occur, thus having the means to boost their client's confidence in their vendor’s products and services.

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NB-IoT Solution Brings IoT to Legacy Water Pumps for Distributed Monitoring

Water pumps require periodic repair and maintenance to ensure normal operation. IoT technologies can be implemented to introduce remote monitoring and O&M systems to give complete control over the operating status.

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Lightweight Machine Management System for Metal Processing Plants

Advantech's solution helps traditional small and medium-sized processing factories upgrade their production lines, optimise transparent production management, and increase equipment utilisation rates/management efficiency on an affordable budget.

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