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Decentralized Motion Control

The first of distributed motion control products from Advantech are called the AMONet Series. AMONET products are categorized as Master cards or Slave modules. While the Master card is kept in the host PC, the slave modules can be distributed so that they are next to motor drivers on the factory floor.
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Open Frame 4-Axis Motion Module
  1. End limit logic is switchable (high or low active)
  2. BoardID is switchable
  3. Easily visible LED indicators on board to do diagnosis
  4. Direct wire to servo drive to save terminal board space while installation
  5. Max. 6.5 MHz, 4-axis pulse output
  6. 28 bits counter for incremental encoder
  7. Horizontal installation for for servo or stepping motor driver
  8. Suitable for DIN-rail mounting

AUD 861.00

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2-port AMONet RS-485 Master Card
  1. Max. 20 Mbps transfer rate
  2. 2 independent AMONet RS-485 Master Rings
  3. Max. 128 AMONet RS-485 slave modules supported
  4. Programmable digital input to notify events
  5. Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic

AUD 580.00

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