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EPIC/EBX/5.25" Boards

Advantech’s EBX, 5.25” Embedded, and EPIC single board computers provide complete I/O, low power in industrial-grade designs that are tested for extended temperature operation.

EBX (Embedded Board eXpandable) is a 5.25" (203 x 146 mm) compact board form factor that is designed to provide the processor power and memory compatible with many full-sized SBC formats. It also supports PC/104 daughter boards.

5.25” Embedded SBC is a proprietary embedded board form factor developed by Advantech offering a variety of cost effective designs and a selection of socket support for Pentium Processors. This compact form factor is optimized for embedded systems and offers broad functionality such as multiple communication ports.

EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) is a single board computer form factor which, like EBX, can provide support for PC/104 or PC/104+ slot expansion but also comes in a smaller 4.5” size. The standard provides specific I/O zones to implement functions such as Ethernet, serial ports, digital and analog I/O, video, and other application-specific interfaces.
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Intel Atom™ N450 EBX Single Board Computer with 3 LAN and 5 COM - Wide Temp Version (-20~80C)
  1. Intel Atom™ N450 dual core 1.67 GHz Processor Built-In
  2. Onboard 1 GB DDR2 Industrial Grade (-40 ~ 85C) memory, with options up to 2 GB
  3. 3 x RS-232, 2 x RS-232/485 ports
  4. 3 x SATA, 8 x USB and GPIO
  5. 3 x Intel GbE, VGA and 18-bit LVDS dual display
  6. Supports embedded software APIs and Utilities
  7. Wide Temp Version (-20 ~ 80C) Delivery Notice: Please anticipate a longer lead time for delivery. Non-cancellable, non-returnable

AUD 712.00

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