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Data Acquisition I/O Cards

Advantech leverages over 20 years of plug-in I/O card design and manufacturing experience to provide a full range of industrial DAQ products. With rich terminal modules and tech support, Thse high-speed, high quality products mean cost savings for industrial requirements.
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8 Channel Relay & 8 Channel IDI Universal PCIE Card
  1. 8 opto-isolated digital input channels
  2. 8 relay actuator output channels
  3. 2 opto-isolated PWM outputs
  4. LED indicators to show activated relays
  5. Jumper-selectable dry contact/wet contact input signals
  6. Up event counters for DI
  7. Programmable digital filter function for DI
  8. Pattern match interrupt function for DI
  9. "Change of state" interrupt function for DI

AUD 258.00

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GPIB Interface Card

AUD 657.00

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