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Advantech offers both centralized and distributed motion control solutions. DSP-based SoftMotion control cards offer a centralized approach utilizing simplified function calls executed by the DSP to accomplish complex motion algorithms. Advantech also offers distributed motion control through its proprietary motion control network, AMONet, (Advantech Motion Network) and through EtherCAT solutions. These include a variety of distributed I/O and smart motion control modules.
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CIRCUIT BOARD, 2-port 6-Axis EtherCAT Universal PCI Master Card
  1. 650MHz dual-core ARM processor
  2. 2 x EtherCAT ports for high-performance of Motion and I/O applications
  3. Supports common motion SDK for rapid application development
  4. Up to 32 axes support for motion control
  5. Supports a maximum of 6 motion groups and 8 axes per group
  6. Supports on board 8-CH isolated DI and 4-CH isolated DO
  7. Diagnostics for fast error handling can trace command and error message

AUD 1,447.00

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